Havana Map and history

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The map is from the forties but not much has changed, Havana has survived from the housing and land speculation,  thanks the Revolution in 1959. Revolutions have the ability to freeze time, unfortunately, the city has also been neglected, and large parts are in deplorable condition, since 1983, is Old Havana on the UNESCO World Heritage List and with the increasing tourism will also be more money in as partly earmarked for renovations. The city can be likened to a tree's growth rings spreading in one direction, west, Havana was founded in 1523 and its colonial heritage is unique for the entire North and South America. The city is divided by the El Prado, a main street with a clear inspiration from Barcelona's Las Ramblas, east of El Prado, you will find Old Havana and west of El Prado is Centro Havana much of which was built in the early 1900s, parts of the centro is very decadence, a few houses a year collapses, balconies rages, going so like in the middle of the street. Further west, you come to the Vedado, now we have arrived at 20-30-40 and 50's, this is the most stylish hotels built by mafiosos and the district has an even high-rise buildings. Here live the more wealthy in Havana. Then you have to get through a road tunnel or over the Puente Hierro Iron Bridge-to get into the really possessors areas of the river Almendares Miramar, Playa Siboney, Havana Djursholm, which is most embassies and foreign commercial houses remind here many times on pastel coloured palaces.