Havanna Photo Workshop

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Welcome to Havana and warmly welcome to Havana Photo Workshop.

The workshop is meant for you that have a passion in photography and is equipped with a great curiosity in Havana's exciting culture, architecture and people.

The group will consist of 4-8 participants.

The first evening participants are invited to a welcome drink and dinner and this will be at Havana's hotest restaurant, www.laguarida.com

Lodging included during the whole workshop.

Excursions, dinners, transportation and entries are not included.


The workshops last 5 or 7 days. On request I can arrange extended workshops with travelling in Cuba.

The longer workshop, 7 days, we make a shorter excursion to either the city of Trinidad or to Vinales and beautiful nature and waterfalls that are nearby.

I will post the workshop so that if special interests of any of the participants of these if possible, can be realized.

In the "base camp" there is Cuban coffee, water and juices and good fruits.

We are working on the "field" in groups of 3-4 or more.

Gathering in the morning for the review of yesterday's adventures with slide shows and discussions.

I assume that all participants are digital and have their own laptop. Recommended equipment is the one you are accustomed to use and enjoy, a tripod can be useful.

Recent group started with a guided tour of Old Havana, visited a boxing club, beautiful derelict villas, we had photo bicycle taxi safari in Havana, evening and

night shoots, car photography with pans and studio flashes, photo safari in US convertibles in Havana, we had time for a day on the beach and visited some suburbs of Havana

and of course a lot of walking searching for the daily life, street photography.