Evening and night Photography

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the Bike Taximan


Night in Havana is lukewarm, the breeze from the Atlantic sweeps like a soft embrace over the northern parts of Havana, as far north as you can get without getting your feet wet is to the "Malecon", Havana's seaside promenade, "Lovers Lane" called. Gathered here are "los habaneros", Havana residents to enjoy the sea, the sunset and the warm oxygen saturated winds, often with a bottle of rum. The musicians gather here and playing  trombone, guitar or just empty plastic buckets. Some tourists are jogging by and are being admired by amazed cubans. It is like a living room, eating, drinking, singing and discussing. Some fishermen paddle out on large rubber tires, children dive into the sea, a very peaceful place to end the evening is undoubtedly the "Malecon".