Music and Dance

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Havana is a city with a lot of sound, starting with the roosters in the morning and the water trucks that fill the cisterns with our shower water at dawn.

Disciplined, however are the musicians who we will encounter everywhere in Havana, we can listen to:jazz, salsa, son, and as always in Cuba all the rhythms are mixed and a special Cuba Sound is  formed.

The Dance, the Salsa, is all around us, little children, age does not matter, everyone knows, what we will never learn, that correct  shaking of the ass and those difficult steps. Allow the camera to run.

We will visit the Cabaret Nacional, that allowes us to dream of the 50s´, long-legged women with chandeliers as head ornaments and the equally handsome men in glittering suits running around on the stage floor in the wild but choreographed dance. It is called "Show". Allow the camera run again.

For ballet fans there is the newly renovated Gran Teatro with the best cuban ballerinas and dancers who regularly are showing various classic sets.

We will go to places where Afro-Cuban heritage makes itself felt with African heritage woven into the dance and conga music.

Musik o Dans